Reach and engage your target audience with PR Newswire.

Content Distribution

Connect with opinion leaders and key influencers when you use Cision's industry leading network to deliver your message. Gain access to thousands of print and broadcast outlets, journalists, bloggers, financial portals, social media networks, websites and content syndication channels to help you reach your target audiences.

Targeting and Measurement

Careful planning and follow-through are the keys to a successful communications program. Cision offers accurate targeting and measurement tools that help you drive campaign results.

Online Engagement

Cision offers a suite of online engagement tools to help organizations like yours stimulate new revenue streams, win media and consumer attention and meet financial disclosure and stakeholder communication needs.

Online Member Centre Benefits at a Glance

Social Media Distribution

Boost the visibility of your message on Twitter with PR Newswire's Social Post (TM) service.

Multimedia Content Submission

Enagage audiences more effectively. Combine video, photo's, audio & other assets with your news release.

Enhanced Reporting

View your Visibility Reports showing engagement with your content online.

Account Management

Gain direct control over the list of indivduals authorised to work with PR Newswire on your company's behalf.

Online Support

PR Newswire's knowlegable support team knowlegable support team is ready to answer your questions. Email of call!